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NEW Integrated patient temperature measuring and skin temperature control

Warmth is an intrinsic need of every human being and is ever since the centre of attention for any amendment to the Weyer product portfolio. As centrepiece, particularly the CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmer stands for safe warming care and is subject of ongoing development.

Within a continuously changing daily care routine, the demand for safety within the care of new-born babies and infants is increasing. At the same time neonatal care is more than ever facing a shortage in human resources and timewise limited capacities. This understanding is key to the latest development of the CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmer, which is exploiting new technical capabilities for an additional safety feature: As of now, the optional patient temperature measuring and skin temperature control can be integrated into the radiant warmer*. CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmers equipped with this additional feature measure the actual patient temperature with skin temperature sensors and following adjust the generated radiation intensity to reach the intended temperature.

For more safety

The skin temperature control is a feature for automated patient monitoring. The intensity emitted by the radiant warmer is servocontrolled and deviations between intended and actual temperature alarmed. Additionally, a CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmer detects a detached sensor and gives a visual and audible warning. This is preventing a failure within temperature measurement and consequently minimizing the danger of overheating small patients. Thanks to this alarm feature, monitoring of the patients’ temperature is becoming more reliable than ever and guarantees a sufficient degree of safety.

Intuitive Handhabung aller Betriebsarten

The CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmer can be operated in 3 different modes, allowing for a flexible use in different situations. Pre-warming of patient pads and warming beds, manual mode of operation with selection of the warmer’s intensity in mW/cm2 respectively %, as well as the oper- ation with activated skin temperature control are possible. The latter is especially intuitive in use, as value selection of the radiant warmers are made in °C, setting the intended temperature of the patient.

Additional integrated timer

Apgar timer, stop-watch and countdown timer are tried and trusted features within the use of CERAMOTHERM® radiant warmers. For hands-on support during a cardiopulmonary reanimation, an additional CPR timer is integrated in all new devices. This timer can be set to intervals from 5 seconds up to 60 minutes and is an efficient tool for neonatal intensive care.

* Upgrade for patient temperature measuring and skin temperature control, integrated in the radiant warmer Order No. WY1050

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