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Warmth and shelter is an intrinsic need of every new born child. Supplying this need, pre-warming of lying surfaces and warming during examination or nappy changing enhances the small patients' wellbeing. With the examination and treatment table Easy Care we facilitate the necessary conditions not only for integral workstations but also within a mobile unit. This allows for spatial flexibility within a demanding daily care routine.

Due to the enlarged size of the patient pad on the Easy Care it can be used both for new born and older babies. The compact design of the unit gives an ideal solution for warming babies during times when access is required. Requirements to the location of use are minimal.

With its raised and padded sides, the integrated infrared radiant warmer and optional storage accessories Easy Care is perfect for nappy changing by parents and examination or treatement by physicians and nursing staff.

Cosy and gentle warming

The integrated infrared radiant warmer is particulalry powerful and operates with an impressive warming efficiency. The durable ceramic heating element produces comfortable and even warming with low consumption of electricity. The long-wave infrared radiation is invisible, especially gentle and can be adjusted accurately in mW/cm², optionally in %.

Thus, while using Easy Care for baby changing and examinations the integrated radiant warmer stabilises the small patients' body temperature. It can also be used to pre-warm the patient pad for the babies to feel even more comfortable. 


Adjustable lighting

The examination lamps of the radiant warmer give suitable light during nappy changing or examination. The light is dimmable and its intensity can be adjusted in 5 steps, ensuring optimum light independent from given lighting conditions at the location of use. 

Infants, in particular new born babies, are stressed when they are dazzled by a sudden glaring spotlight. Therefore the examinaton lamps of the radiant warmer are dazzle-free and switch the light on and off gently. The small patients remain calm and feel cosy.


Built in convenient storage

During care it is important to have necessary items available at all times. As a standard feature a drawer is located centrally below the patient pad, accessible from all sides and in every situation. Each Easy Care can optionally be upgraded with additional drawers and/ or shelves below the patient pad, disinfectant dispensers, shelves or instrument rails fixed at the tube assembly. With these convenient storage options the examination table can be adapted to the very specific requirements during care. 


Mobility for a more flexible use

Sturdy smooth double castors provide a stable position of the examination table and give flexibility in the location of use. One castor is fitted with a steering lock which allows maneuvering around corners and furniture. To make optimum use of given set-up area, Easy Care can be used from 3 diggerent sides. From all these sides drawers can easily be opened and shelves or isntrument rails can be reached. For even more flexibility the examination table is available with soft-lift height adjustment.

Independent from existing spatial and constructional conditions Easy Care is a mobile alternative for rooms and wards which do not allow a fixed installation of radiant warmers or heated lying surfaces. 



All Easy Care devices are equipped with:

Radiant warmer CERAMOTHERM 3100 fixed at tube assembly Ø 27 mm,
Patient deck with 3 raised sides, padded, 460 x 720 mm,
1 arch-shaped drawer, sliding out to both sides, 400 x 150 x 160 mm,
4 smooth double castors (3 with total lock, 1 with steering lock),
3 take-off sockets 230 V~ for additional devices

Order No. Configuration
WY3019 Easy Care, examination and treatment table, static height, 950 mm
WY3020 Easy Care, examination and treatment table, height-adjustable, 850 – 1150 mm
Order No. Additional equipment
WY3035 Shelf fixed at the pillar
WY3036 Arch-shaped drawer sliding out to both sides, fixed at the shelf WY3035
WY3032 Additional pair of foot pedals for height adjustment
WY3060 Shelf 590 x 320 mm fixed at tube assembly Ø 27 mm,
with instrument rail
WY3061 Shelf 240 x 300 mm fixed at tube assembly Ø 27 mm,
with 2 instrument rails
WY3064 Instrument rail 25 x 10 mm fixed at tube assembly
Ø 27 mm
WY2076 Infusion holder, height-adjustable, fixed at tube assembly
Ø 27 mm
WY2077 Disinfectant dispenser, fixed at tube assembly
Ø 27 mm
WY2078 High-grade steel bowl Ø 300 mm, fixed at tube assembly
Ø 27 mm
WY2079 High-grade steel basket 300 x 200 x 100 mm, fixed at tube assembly Ø 27 mm

Performance and operating data

Easy Care  
Operating voltage / power supply 230 V~ / 50 60 Hz
Power consumption 690 W / 3 A  
Max. power input 2300 W / 10 A  
Distance betw. radiant warmer and patient deck 800 mm  
Heating element Ceramic, 600 W  
Wavelength spectrum 1500 – 6800 nm  
Intensity selection range 2 – 20 mW/cm2,
in steps of 2 mW/cm2 resp. 10%
Intensity selection display 2 – 30 mW/cm2 resp. 10 – 100%  
Actual intensity display 2 – 30 mW/cm2 resp. 10 – 100%  
Residual heat display Down to 2 mW/cm2 resp. 10%,
then automatic switch-off
Automatic intensity reduction After 15 minutes above 10 mW/cm2  
Illumination 2 LED stripes, 5 W each  
Illumination intensity 2 x 850 lm  
Adjustable 5 steps  
Colour temperature 4000 K  

Dimensions and weight

Easy Care
Smooth double castors, anti-static 4x Ø 125 mm (3x total lock, 1x steering lock),
4 bumpers Ø 70 mm
Drawer 400 x 150 x 160 mm,
load capacity 6 kg
Patient deck 460 x 720 mm
Pad Polyester / PU-pad 460 x 720 x 30 mm with side padding
Tube assembly/ Distance betw. tubes Ø 27 mm/ 260 mm
Radiant warmer CERAMOTHERM® 3100
Weight 56 kg (WY3019);
60,5 kg (WY3020)

Classification and standards

Easy Care
Protection class I
Device type B
Degree of protection against water IPX0
Classification according to Directive 93/42/EEC IIa

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