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Neonatal jaundice is a strain for both new born babies and their parents, especially in the first days of life. A prompt therapy with shortwave, blue radiation can prevent damage to the central nervous system and ease symptoms of jaundice, thus relieving stress for everyone invovled. BILICOMPACT LED is the outcome of a continuous product development within phototherapy, keeping in mind both the babies' health and nursing staff's needs. This assures a high perfomance device which is simultaneously improving the nursing situation. 


Automated therapy

To add flexibility to the radiation therapy, BILICOMPACT LED can be operated not only in manual but also in automated mode. Within the latter, it is possible to choose and pre-set the therapy's duration and intensity, thus it is not necessary to turn the device on and off manually. Once the therapy duration runs out, BLICOMPACT LED stops the therapy automatically. 


Patients in best-suited light

During therapy, the blue therapy light is visually changing the babies appearance and hindering a neutral assessment of the small patient's well-being. This is why BILICOMPACT LED is equipped with additional white lamps assuring a neutral light when needed. It can be turned on at all times interrupting the therapy but giving perfect visibility of the baby, hence a fast and easy check-up of the baby is possible. 

Besides this neutral light, the therapy lamp is equipped with white LEDs which can be added to a running therapy. These are lowering the blue light's impact on both patient and nursing staff, without any negative effect on the therapy. 


Flexibility of use

With 4 rubber feet, the phototherapy device is optimized to be put on top of canpoies of warming beds and incubators. However, there are additional options of use available, Alternatively, it can be put on a mobile stand for a more flexible use.

Because of the low heat generation, the device can also be used at decreased distances from the babies.

High-performance phototherapy

The long-lasting BILICOMPACT LED assures remarkably high radiation intensity within the ideal wave length of 460 to 490 nm. It hereby meets the requirements of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to the fullest. Even within high distance between phototherapy device and patient, a high intensity can be guaranteed. Thies eases the access to the baby for involved nursing staff and adds flexibility to therapy situations. 

The homogenous radiation over bigger lying surfaces allows both the therapy of premature newborns and mature, older patients.

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