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The pre-term birth is the most difficult start into our world and a great challenge to the physicians, nursing staff and parents. Day for day they do their utmost to facilitate the baby’s start and to make life possible.

The incubator Vita helps to achieve this aim. It conjoins the stability of a closed ambiance with the good access and contact possibilities offered by open care systems.

In the majority of cases pre-term babies stay in the incubator for the first months of their life. Therefore a calm environment is an important factor for the future development. By an optimum air flow guide and the noiseless micro humidification system the generation of noise could be considerably reduced in the incubator THERMOCARE Vita.

Always the right climate

Air and skin temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration are selected according to the baby's need and are servo controlled. A brand-new air flow technique warms the patient evenly by minimizing the transepidermal humidity losses.

Maximum hygiene

The micro-humidification system with open evaporation vat operates noiseless and can  be cleaned and disinfected completely. No residual water can remain in the system, therefore there is no danger of contamination. Water is supplied by sterile water bottles or bags for injection purposes, a water reservoir is not required. So decanting is not necessary and the related risks are avoided.

Monitor / operator terminal

Innovative technology controls and monitors the selected values of air and patient temperature as well as for humidity and oxygen concentration. The selected parameters and measured values are indicated clearly structured with a graphic display of the development during the last three hours.

All values can be retraced and evaluated for the period of one week by the trend function.

Ergonomic design

The perspex double-wall assembly has four large hand port windows which can be opened quickly and easily be pressing the unlocking mechanism (also with disinfected hands). It is possible to open both hand port windows by one central pressing.

For passing tubes and cables sufficient grommets are provided.

For quick and spacious access to the patient all walls are folded down with one hand, the canopy can be removed easily.

Sturdy smooth double castors provide a stable position of the incubator and allow easy moving. One castor with steering lock allows manoeuvring around corners and furniture. Four bumpers protect the warming bed, the ambiance and furniture from damages.

At the push of a button the patient bed can be inclined electromotively into head-up/feet down or feet up/head down position very quickly with an automatic stop in weighing position.

The inclination angle is immediately displayed on the monitor.

Of course, for special procedures the patient bed can be pulled out completely.

The incubator is also available with an integrated weighing scale.

Easy examination

For taking X-ray it is not necessary to open the wall assembly, the tray for the cassette is accessible from the outside. So the micro climate is maintained.

Always the adequate warming

As closed incubator and in open care mode as well the model Vita Vario offers even warming over the total treatment area. The standby warming system supplies warming energy immediately when opening the canopy. Also when the bed is extracted an optimum warming field is provided.

Necessary material always at hand

During care it is important to have required items are ready to hand at all times. The drawers of the warming bed can be opened in a way that they are accessible from all sides and in every situation.

Many accessories

The accessories from the THERMOCARE and VARIOTHERM program are compatible and can be fixed at the rails and the high-grade steel spar assembly.


Order No. WY2401  Incubator THERMOCARE Vita
Fixed height, control of air temperature, humidity and oxygen

Order No. WY2402  Incubator THERMOCARE Vita
Height-adjustable, with drawers, control of air and patient temperature, humidity and oxygen

General data

  • Base device

      Order No. WY2401 Order No. WY2402
    Depth 560 mm 560 mm
    Width 1000 mm 1000 mm
    Height 1290 mm 1240 to 1440 mm
    Weight 100 kg 120 kg


      Order No. WY2401 Order No. WY2402
    Depth 420 mm 420 mm
    Width 600 mm 600 mm
    Height 950 mm Adjustable 900 to 1100 mm
    Head-up/feet down position ± 12°  
    Feet up/head down position ± 12°  

    Performance and operating data

    Operating voltage / power supply 220V~ bis 230V - 50 / 60 Hz
    Max. power consumption, of which 7,8 A / 1800 W
    - for incubator 3,5 A / 800 W
    - for additional devices 4,3 A / 1000 W


    Trolley and Incubator White RAL 9002

Classification and standards

Protection class 1
Device type BF
MDD-class IIb
Standards EN 60601-1:2006
EN 60601-1-2:2007
EN 60601-1-4:2001
EN 60601-2-19:2010*
* Particular requirements for basic safety of infant incubators.


Inspection Yearly
Preventive maintenance Yearly


Order No. Description
WY2420 Integrated weighing scale, operation and display via the monitor/operator terminal.
Semi-automatic tare.
Weighing range: 300 to 5000 g.
Accuracy: up to 2000 g: ± 2 g, up to 5000 g: ± 4 g.
WY2062 High-grade steel instrument rail 25 x 10 mm, straight, for fixing devices and components at the high-grade steel tube Ø 40 mm.
WY2065 High-grade steel instrument rail 25 x 10 mm, cranked, for fixing large devices and components at the high-grade steel tube Ø 40 mm.
WY2063 Instrument and monitor shelf 420 x 280 mm, fixed at the high-grade steel tube Ø 40 mm,
load max. 20 kg.
WY2068 High-grade steel infusion pole Ø 25 mm, height-adjustable,
fixed at the instrument and monitor shelf.
WY2075 High-grade steel infusion pole Ø 25 mm, height-adjustable,
fixed at the high-grade steel tube Ø 40 mm.
WY2451 Holder for ventilation tubes.
WY0625 Incubator pad "VISCOSTATIC- Soft" 600 x 420 x 40 mm with Perlastic cover
WY2445 NIDCAP-Cover standard

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