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The supply of oxygen-air blends by so called blenders are part of the clinical standard today. They are often combined with a connected flowmeter for dosing the flow.

The insufflation assembly REANIMAT-O2-Blend is a universal device for the supply of medical oxygen-air-blends both for stationary and mobile use.

Dosing of the flow is possible from 0 to 60 l/min, according to the intended clinical use.

Optionally a suction unit can be integrated in the insufflation assembly which makes this device indispensable for various non-invasive applications of breathing gas support in pediatrics, neonatology and adult care.

Wide range of application

Due to its modular configuration the assembly can be used in all fields where oxygenated medical blended gas is required. A combination with non-invasive respiration equipment is usually possible, provided the respiration equipment has a pressure limiting facility.

Application examples: Oxygenation of respiration units such as

• Resuscitation bag

• Emergency respirators

• CPAP devices

Second take off as option

It is an ideal possibility to have available oxygenated blended gas from a second take off.

By using a Y-piece, the sum of both flows can be made available. In this way it is possible to use one take-off for the rough selection and the second take off for the fine tuning.

Example: 0-15 l/min for rough selection and 0-6 l/min for fine tuning, or, 0-30 l/min for rough selection and 0-15 l/min for fine tuning.

Avoiding needless gas consumption

Adequate devices being offered in the market usually consume 8-13 l/min of blended gas, even if the flow valves are closed and the device is obviously out of service. Such consumption cause costs and is avoidable.

The insufflation assembly REANIMAT-O2-Blend has an on/off switch by which the gas supply can be interrupted after use. It is not necessary to put the wall plugs into park position or to close the cylinder valves. It is sufficient to simply switch off the REANIMAT-O2-Blend.

Hence the device will pay for itself within short time.

Selected parameters do not change

The selected parameters are of impressive consistency. If the flow is changed, the oxygen concentration remains unchanged, and if the oxygen concentration is changed, the selected flow remains constant.

The flow and concentration values remain unchanged after switching off the device. It is not necessary to close the flow valves after use – the selected values are available again when switching on the device next time.

Integrated suction as option

In general it is necessary to aspirate the airway in regular intervals. Due to its modular configuration this insufflation assembly is optionally available with an integrated suction unit.

Same as the insufflation assembly, also the suction unit has an on/off switch. So the selected vacuum remains constant when switching off the device. When switching on the device next time, it is not necessary to adjust the vacuum again.

By this convenient device combination of insufflation and suction a compact device is available which has only one each pressure gas connection for oxygen and Air. Gas sockets are not blocked unnecessarily which also contributes to a clear arrangement of the patient’s care place.

Various connection alternatives

Air and oxygen from central gas pipeline

Supply from central gas and cylinder

Supply from two cylinders air and oxygen

Automatic changeover to emergency supply possible:

In many cases it is essential to secure the gas supply for every situation.

By interconnecting the preference valves WY1475 and WY1476, that are available as accessories, the pressure gas supply through gas cylinders is automatically secured, in case the permanent compressed gas supply fails or is interrupted, for example when the patient has to be moved from one place to another place within the hospital.


Ordering information

Insufflation assembly 0 - 6 l/min with blender 21 - 100 % oxygenWY1480
Insufflation assembly 0 - 15 l/min with blender 21 - 100 % oxygenWY1481
Insufflation assembly 0 - 30 l/min with blender 21 - 100 % oxygenWY1482
2nd take-off 0 - 6 l/min
for WY1480 / WY1481 / WY1482
2nd take-off 0 - 15 l/min
for WY1480 / WY1481 / WY1482
2nd take-off 0 - 30 l/min
for WY1480 / WY1481 / WY1482
Suction unit 0 - 0.9 bar vacuumWY1490


Oxygen preference valve, 2 inputs - 1 take-offWY1475
Air preference valve, 2 inputs - 1 take-offWY1476
Y-piece for inter-connecting two blended gas take-offsWY1478
Connection hoses as per ISO 13260 with gas specific NIST unions are included in delivery as standard. Country-specific connection hoses are available on request.

Technical data

Pressure gas supplyMedical oxygen, 3.4 to 5 bar (50 - 73 psi)
Pure medical compressed air, 3.4 to 5 bar (50 - 73 psi)
Connection thread for pressure gasGas-specifically NIST according to DIN EN 739
Blender21% to 100% ± 3% Fi=2 accuracy
Gas failure alarm1.5 to 2 bar between the inlet pressures
Gas consumption oxygen and air1 to 8 l/min. plus selected take-off
Gas consumption for the suction unit0 to 30 l/min
Vacuum of suction unit0 to -0.9 bar vacuum, infinitely variable
Blended gas take-off base deviceWY1480: 0 - 6 l/min
WY1481: 0 - 15 l/min
WY1482: 0 - 30 l/min
Second take of blended gas (option)WY1485: 0 - 6 l/min
WY1486: 0 - 15 l/min
WY1487: 0 - 30 l/min
Classification according Directive 93/42/EWGIIa
CertificationCE 0197

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