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Radiant Warmers CERAMOTHERM are the result of nearly 40 years of continuous development in the medical use of infrared radiation. Convenient handling and function, comfortable operation as well as a safe use are the priorities of this radiant warmer.

Impressive warming efficiency

Infrared rays do not warm-up the ambient air but are absorbed by the bodies they impinge on and are so converted into heat. By the new developed high-performance reflector the heat is directed to the patient pad even more efficiently and evenly. The Quick-Heat function produces the required warming energy within shortest time and outshines conventional radiant heaters.

Easy to operate

Same as the well-proven product series THERMOCARE and VARIOTHERM, intensity and light are selected intuitively according to the principle “Select - Adjust - Confirm”.

So an unintentional direct adjustment, e.g. by visitors, is prevented.

At different light conditions (day, night) the brightness of the colour display is automatically adapted to the ambience, so the display can be read-off clearly at any time. When the device has cooled down after switch-off, the display is darkened, so the night’s sleep is not disturbed.

Intensity adjustment as required

Rough settings of heating capacity in steps are a thing of the past. In particular for small infants a sensitive adjustment of the radiation intensity according to their demand is a must.

The CERAMOTHERM system allows a fine adjustment of the intensity in mW/cm², optionally in %.

The selected intensity emitted to the patient is calculated by a processor according to the distance to the patient pad. It is controlled precisely and indicated in the actual intensity display.

This technique allows maintaining the body temperature in adults, infants and even smallest preterm babies during intensive care.

Homogeneous illumination

For the smallest patients the best light is just good enough. Infants, in particular new born babies, are stressed when they are dazzled by a sudden glaring spot-light.

Therefore the large-area lamps of the CERAMOTHERM 3000 switch on and off the light gently. Small patients remain calm and feel cosy.

The colour temperature of the light is 4000 Kelvin which guaranties an excellent appearance and is suitable for examination and minor operations. The illumination intensity can be adapted in 5 steps according to the actual situation. So the optimum light is always available.

Integrated timers

With the 3 integrated timers the radiant warmer CERAMOTHERM is a device for versatile use.

• Apgar-Timer. For postnatal care of new born babies.

• Stop watch. Helpful in many applications.

• Countdown-timer: Always indispensable for applications with limited time frame (in the action range of the radiant warmer).

Integrated safety

For cost reasons many radiant warmers in the market do not provide essential safety features. A part of their exposed surfaces can become dangerously hot because they do not have efficient protection, switch-off and warning devices.

Not so the radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM 3000! They have been designed under consideration of the current standards and according to the principle of integrated safety in order to minimize all possible risks by facile but effective technique. So the heating elements are arranged safely behind a finger-touch protection and prevent active children, operators and other persons from touching the 200 - 600 °C hot heating element. The heating elements are shatter-proof so no risk can arise from them.

Furthermore, the risk of hazard for the operator by sharp edges and corners are minimized by the rounded design. So the operator is protected from injuries.

Application with maximum safety

The infrared spectrum of the radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM was chosen in a way that on one hand the patients are warmed efficiently and on the other hand it cannot cause any injuries to the eye and the skin, expert use provided.

Very small or hypothermic patients often require high radiation intensity to maintain their body temperature. In most cases this is above 10 mW/cm² which in the long run can cause hyperthermia and skin injuries. In order to avoid such hazards after a certain time the radiation intensity is automatically reduced to a safe value and a signal sounds to inform the operator. So cooling is avoided and the patient is prevented from hypothermia. The actual intensity and balance time to automatic intensity reduction are displayed.

As the heating elements can remain hot sometime after switching off, the residual intensity is displayed until cooling off.

Autodetect function for height-adjustable radiant warmers, constant intensity for the patient

Radiant warmers CERAMOTERM with height-adjustable wall or ceiling fixtures have an automatic distance detection with patented intensity compensation Autodetect. For other applications this function is available as option.

The Autodetect function will immediately reduce the radiation intensity when the distance to the patient is reduced and it will automatically increase the intensity within shortest time when the distance to the patient is enlarged. The parameters for intensity and distance are displayed accordingly. This is a unique technique which is second to none.

The reflector

Parabolic preflector with formation of a focus.

Radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM have a high-performance reflector that directs the radiation intensity of the heating element directly and evenly to the patient pad. Formation of a hazardous focus is excluded.

Parabolic reflectors with a focus below the radiant warmer are a hazard for the operator and a thing of the past.

Über Infrarot

Sensible cosy and gentle warming

In various situations patients need support to maintain their body temperature. This applies to unclothed babies during nappy changing, infants under longer examination, centralized patients and theatre preparation and recovery. Infrared radiant warmers are ideal for this purpose. But which is the right one?

Infra-red radiation is part of the solar spectrum and invisible for human beings. It is devided in three ranges according to their wave-length.


Near infrared radiation (0.78 - 1.4 µm) – penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissue and has a deep warming effect. The eye is transparent for near infrared shares and injuries of the retina can occur without advance warning. Therefore IR-A radiation should only be used for certain intensive-therapeutic applications under medical surveillance. Sufficient eye protection is mandatory and it must be secured that it cannot slip off. Keeping in mind the deep penetration in particular the thin skin of babies and preterm babies must be protected from burning injuries.


Medium infrared radiation (1.4 - 3.0 µm) – reaches the medium skin layers (dermis) with the effect of warming the Epidermis and the dermis below as well as the bloodstream.


Far infrared radiation (3.0 - 10 µm) – mainly penetrates into the upper skin layers only, with the effect of an even and gentle warming of the human body.

Radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM

Radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM supply infra-red radiation in the wave length spectrum of 1.5 - 6.8 µm (IR-B + IR-C), according to the surface temperature of their ceramic heating elements.

When medium and far infrared rays reach the human body, they are absorbed by the upper skin layers and converted into heat. But they do not penetrate deeply into the radiation-sensitive tissue layers. The blood circulation is increased and the warmed blood is transported and distributed in the body.

CERMOTHERM infrared radiation is gently, safely and at the same time efficiently converted into sensible cosy body heat.


Radiant warmer

Depth 450 mm 710 mm
Width 220 mm 220 mm
Height 100 mm 100 mm
Weight without mount 4.8 kg 6.8 kg

Distance radiant warmer to the patient pad

Wall and ceiling mounts, fixed height 900 mm 900 mm
Wall and ceiling mounts, height adjustable 650 - 900 mm 650 - 900 mm
Mobile stand, height-adjustable 650 mm 650 mm
Safety distance to the patient pad 650 mm 650 mm
Factory setting to distance 650 - 900 mm possible Yes Yes

Performance and operating data

Operating voltage / power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Max. power input 690 W / 3 A 900 W / 3,9 A
Heating element(s), ceramic, life >10 years 1 x 600 W 2 x 400 W
Wave length spectrum 1.5 to 6.8 µm 1.5 to 6.8 µm
Illumination on both sides on both sides
Dimmable ​in 5 steps ​in 5 steps
Capacity 2 x 5.5 W 2 x 18 W
Illumination intensity (max.) 2 x 850 lm 2 x 1350 lm
Colour temperature 4000 K 4000 K
Intensity selection display Yes Yes
Actual intensity and residual heat display Yes Yes
Alarm for intensity deviation +/- 2mW/cm2 Yes Yes
Alarm / automatic intensity reduction after 15 minutes > 10 mW/cm2 Yes Yes
can be switched-off temporarily Yes Yes
Power failure alarm Yes Yes
Distance detection for height-adjustable wall or ceiling mounts Yes Yes
Intensity compensation for distance detection Yes Yes
Automatic switch-off below the safety distance Yes Yes

Distance radiant warmer to the patient pad

650 mm 390 x 520 mm 390 x 680 mm
700 mm 430 x 540 mm 430 x 700 mm
750 mm 460 x 560 mm 460 x 720 mm
800 mm 480 x 580 mm 480 x 730 mm
850 mm 500 x 600 mm 500 x 750 mm
900 mm 520 x 620 mm 520 x 770 mm

Intensity selection at distance to patient pad

650 mm 2 to 30 mW/cm2 2 to 30 mW/cm2
700 mm 2 to 26 mW/cm2 2 to 30 mW/cm2
750 mm 2 to 22 mW/cm2 2 to 26 mW/cm2
800 mm 2 to 20 mW/cm2 2 to 22 mW/cm2
850 mm 2 to 18 mW/cm2 2 to 20 mW/cm2
900 mm 2 to 16 mW/cm2 2 to 18 mW/cm2


Radiant warmer White RAL 9010 White RAL 9010
Handles of radiant warmer RAL 3003
(other colours available at choice)
RAL 3003
(other colours available at choice)
Wall and ceiling mounts White RAL 9010 White RAL 9010
Pedestal of mobile stand White RAL 9002 White RAL 9002

Technical data mobile stand

  Mobile stand (Order No. WY3112, WY3212)
Depth 560 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 1535 to 1935 mm
Necessary under-pin height > 95 mm
Castors / kickstop 2 x Ø 75 mm, 2 x Ø 65 mm / 2 x
Adjustable to patient level 600 to 1000 mm
Distance mark Yes

Classification and standards

Protection class 1 1
MDD-class IIa IIa
Standards EN 60601-1: 2006
EN 60601-1-2:2007
EN 60601-2-21:2009*
*Particular requirements for basic safety of infant radiant warmers
EN 60601-1: 2006
EN 60601-1-2:2007
EN 60601-2-21:2009*
*Particular requirements for basic safety of infant radiant warmers


Inspection (recommended) Yearly Yearly
Preventive maintenance (recommended) Yearly Yearly


Wide range of fixtures

Radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM 3000 can be mounted at the wall, the ceiling or a mobile stand. Keeping in mind the intended use and constructional conditions a wide range of fixtures can be chosen for the individual application.

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